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  • 1960- Post completion of MS in Ceramic Engineering from USA, Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah bagan a partnership company, Ahmedabad Cermic Industry. This was started to produce SW pipes and Fittings and within a short span of time the company was able to establish itself as a quality manufacturer of SW fittings and pipes in Gujarat, India and abroad.
  • 1969-1975- Another production unit was started by Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah, Sonya Ceramics to develop crockery ware. These have been the struggling days of the quota system and bureaucracy.  Coal was the most important fuel in both the industries and remained in shortages, thereby forcing him to stop the production of crockery wares in 1975.
  • 1975- Son of Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah, Mr. Rupesh C. Shah joined Sonya Ceramics after he completed Ceramic Engineering from University of Missouri USA.
  • 1976-1980- Meanwhile, Mr. Chandrakant Shah remained quite active in the social front specially in the area of ceramics and became the founder member of Gujarat Ceramic Association in Ahmadabad. He was also the President of Gujarat Ceramic Association for a significant period of time and in his term an All India Ceramics Convention was organized in Ahmedabad. He played a major role in bringing the precious CGCRI to Ahmedabad. 
  • 1981- For the first time, Sonya Ceramics-Kadi unit was commissioned for the production of low tension insulators with the support of natural gas fired Tunnel kin.
  • 1985- Sonya Keramos Pvt. Ltd came into existence to develop Sodium Silicate.
  • 1992- Sparkling Ceramics was formed to produce Sanitary wares.
  • 2000- Second Furnace of Sodium Silicate was Commissioned and also Sonya obtained ISO certificate for its Insulators.
  • 2001- Considering the low realization and competition Sparkling Ceramics was transformed from manufacturing of Sanitary wares to L.T. insulators.
  • 2002- The Kadi Unit achieved ISO certification for L.T. Insulators. Commissioning of Quality Department with SQC facility took place.
  • 2003- First Gas Fired Spray Drier was successfully installed in Sonya Insulators.
  • 2005- Spray Drier of capacity of 10 tons daily was successfully installed in Kadi unit.
  • 2006- Up-gradation of work shop was completed with the introduction of spark erosion machines and CNG operated wire cut machine in Sonya Insulators. It began E.O.U. unit in collaboration with a Spanish company to develop lamp holders.
  • 2008- Introduction of Recuperators in all the tunnel kilns of Ahmedabad & Kadi units to save the most precious fuel.
  • 2009- Complete computerization of Ahmedabad tunnel kiln was successfully finished. With the installation of CCTV cameras, monitoring of Kadi and Ahmedabad plant is now easy from any part of the world.
  • 2010- Tool room was upgraded with the installation of latest computer Aided V. M.C. machine shipped from Haas Co. of U.S.A.
  • 2011- Establishment of Anaya Tiles Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture mosaic, wall, paving and roofing Tiles and to enhance the productivity of E.R.P. System.
  • 2012- Installation of new furnace in Kadi for grinding balls & Media.
  • 2013- Formation of Sonya Foods Pvt. Ltd., to produce Blanched Peanuts & Peanut Butter. Various units were consolidated for better control & productivity. Besides, special emphasis was given to export front as well as value additions.
  • 2014- Beginning of the Exports of peanut Butter and Sonya foods achieved its ISO 22000:2005 Certification. Sonya Insulators have new kiln with 50% more work capacity & latest ring system.
  • 2015- Sonya Foods got BRC with A Grade, USFDA and Halal certifications and now exporting globally.

About The Group Companies

Sonya Insulators

Production of Special Ceramics of app. 1000 different items in numerous grades like steatite, high Alumina, Cordierite, Porcelain etc. This includes parts like Beads, Band Heaters, Capacitors, Bush and custom tailored parts. Also indulged in exporting Products to countries like Germany, U.S.A, Sweden etc.
Ceramics Grinding Media and Ball Mill Lining: Machine made taper and straight lining bricks and Hand made porcelain balls.

Sonya Ceramics (Kadi unit)

Production of L. T. Insulator in different sizes as per the clients drawing and demands. Approx . 200 Tons per month production includes up to 11KVA insulator in Brown glazes, cream as well as grey bodies.

S.S Industries

Production of Switch Accessories, All Porcelain type of fuse units, D.P, Custom tailored designs including Lamp Holder, Change Over Switch. Special Shapes can also be produced.
Develop earthen shades of handmade Tiles, Floor, Wall and Roof tiles under the Anaya brand. Also provide customized Shapes and colours. For more info please visit our website.

Abhi Ceramics

Production of Sodium Silicate & supply to renowned Soap producers as well as textile Units. Silicates are produced in both forms both solid and liquid.

Sonya Foods

Produces peanut paste, peanut butter & Blanched peanut for both domestic and overseas market. Has all certifications pertaining to food such as ISO 22000:2005, HALAL, BRC etc.F or more info please visit our website.


  • Since 1990 has been marketing Sanitary wares Internationally.
  • Develops earthen shades of handmade tiles, wall, Floor as well as Roof tiles marketed under the brand name Anaya. Shapes and colours can be customized.

Facility & Work Strength

Our Company possesses the facility to extrude, press and do slip casting:

Ceramic Units are equipped with:

Hydraulic Presses, Tunnel Kiln, Tabletting Press, Shuttle Kiln, Electric  Kiln, Vacuum Pug Mills, VMC, Wire Cutting, Spark Erosion. The total firing capacity range is from 1400o C to 1500o C. Recent addition of Electric Kiln enables us to manufacture High Alumina of 98% with the firing capacity of approximately 1600o C.

The Company has well-fitted and fully equipped workshop with all the facilities to manufacture the required tools.

Work Strength

Around 400 workers are working in two sites; Ahmedabad and Kadi.


The products are currently being shipped to various countries and tireless efforts are being made regularly to improve the volume of the Export Market.

Engineering Capability

Being a reliable producer of Technical Ceramics and L.T. Insulators, Sonya Ceramics has focused on shapes developed from Cordierite, Steatite, Porcelain & Alumina.  With knowledge in these materials, Sonya Ceramics is offering an engineering service together with unique manufacturing capabilities, which results in the production of tailored product at reasonable costs. 

Sonya Ceramics is offering its engineering capabilities to help our clients with their designs and material selection for their specific applications.

Sonya Ceramics possesses advance machinery which is capable of manufacturing millions of small parts on a daily basis, large ceramic shapes pressed parts up to 100 MM diameter, as well as extruded shapes up to a diameter of 75 MM.

The company’s process includes extrusion, dry pressing, secondary machining, glazing and center less as well as flat grinding. We have the finest modern equipment, which enables us to produce premium-quality ceramics in bulk quantities at cost effective prices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are running a Budhabhai Trust at Usmanpura – Ahmedabad. Besides, we have established connections with Adarsh Ahmedabad to carry out our services without any costs in our premises.


Ophthalmologist, Orthopedic and Physicians make visits on various days in a week and offer consultations without any costs. And we also provide generic medicines, free of cost.

Yoga Classes:

Free Yoga Classes for complete peace of mind, soul and body are conducted five days a week, from Monday to Friday.

Stitching Classes:

These classes are conducted to provide help to ladies earn their livelihood, and be independent and self reliant.

Computer Classes:

Likewise, Free Computer Classes to help educate people of all age groups with basic requirement of modern era. Also, as per the interest of people, we conduct other culture activities regularly.

The main idea is to help people become independent & self sufficient through training for important services towards the society and by doing so they can earn their own livelihood. 


Working together, we have been able to achieve our vision by continuous hard and genuine work. Our team has helped us achieve group’s vision of becoming the trust manufacturers of technical ceramics in the country.

With a simple beginning in 1960, from manufacturing ceramic pipes, Sonya has now transformed to leading manufacturer and exporter of technical ceramic items.

At present, we have extended our production range and are making multiple products such as Roofing Tiles, LT Insulators, Paving Tiles and custom made products.

In the year 2013, we entered in the food industry and are currently producing peanut butter and allied items. We intend to progress in this domain also.

Looking forward, Sonya will continue to pursue its aim of becoming world class manufacturer for all products.


  • To increase client satisfaction by providing premium-quality products, services as well as value.
  • To continuously improve our technology and facilities
  • To work towards improving the well-being of the society
  • Exceptional quality products and competitive strength make us one of the outstanding manufacturers and marketers of Ceramic & Food products across the globe.

Application Areas

  • Aeronautics & defence
  • Electric Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Resistor Industries
  • Heat Engineering
  • Paint Industries
  • Soap & Textile Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Building Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Switch Gear Industries
  • Food Industries


Quality Control

Sonya Insulators strongly believe in assuring stringent Quality Control, therefore we have set up a full-fledged Q.C. Department with capabilities to conduct Visual, Chemical as well as Physical Analysis tests on products.

Quality Policy

We are committed to meet clients requirement of quality proven ceramics as per their specifications & within the stipulated time frame. We seek to achieve this through continuous development, training of staff & strict quality assurance of product throughout the production stages.

Quality Control Procedure

To guarantee the quality of finished products, we inspect incoming and outgoing product thoroughly.

  • In process Inspection
  • Incoming Raw Material Inspection
  • Out-going Inspection/S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control)

We carry out In-process inspection on shop floor on a timely basis with the help of floor Supervisors and Quality Control Analysts. The statistical process control is applied at this specific level.
Sampling method is used for out-going inspection process. All the samples are drawn from the batch in accordance to IS -2500 Part -I “Sampling Inspection Procedure” created by Bureau of Indian Standard. Both the inspection level and AQL is mutually discussed between us and the client to suit their requirements. We strictly follow general inspection level No. 1 single sampling procedure for general inspection at AQL 1.5 to 4. We provide the test certificate to clients for every batch which is dispatched.

Types of In -House Quality Test

Raw Material Tests

Plasticity Check, Residue test Firing Test, Acid Test, Free Iron Content, Green Strength Test (M.O.R.) Moisture Test, Shrinkage Check, Grain Size analysis.

Product Tests

Bulk Density Check, Shock Test/Thermal Resistance, Bursting Strength, Water Absorption, Compressive Strength, Thermal Flame test, Crushing Strength Test, Crazing Test for Glaze Items, Chemical

Resistance Test


  • The company is currently exporting products to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, U.A.E., Jordan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Europe and U.S.A.
  • In 1999, Our managing Director, Mr. Rupesh C. Shah was on an export delegation of experts in the Ceramic Industry which was organized by Chemical Allied Export promotion council to Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, U.A.E., and Mauritius.
  • Indian Ceramic Industry acknowledged Sonya Ceramics (Ahmedabad) with the product excellence award in March 1996 and Sonya Ceramics (Kadi) in December 1997.
  • We manufactured the ceramic part for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) which was utilized in the fabrication of Rocket Nose Tip Plasma probe, it successfully departed on the maiden flight RH-560 Mk-II conducted from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
  • We have been awarded with export award for continuous 5 Years from Government of Gujarat.
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality has provided us with Quality Approval Certificate for our products.
  • We are associated members of the ISI (Indian Standard Institute) committee who is involved in setting the standards for salt-glazed Stone wear Pipes as well as Fittings.


  • Rupesh C. Shah- A Gold Medalist from Gujarat University, he has completed Ceramic Engineering from U.S.A & is currently taking care of the entire group since 1975. Under his guidance, the Company is effectively Exporting and Manufacturing Ceramic Products to 45 Countries & Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Rutuja R. Patel- In August 1999, she joined Sonya Ceramics. She is a Managing Director of S S Industries engaged in the production of  L.T. Insulators Floor, Wall & Roof tiles under the Brand name Anaya and J.R. Exports exporting sanitary wares across the globe. Besides, she also takes care of the Sonya Foods which is engaged in the production of peanut butter as well as Blanched peanuts.
  • Abhishek R. Shah- With one year of experience, he joined Sonya Ceramics and is now the Director of the Company. He is in charge of the entire factory including shop floor to dispatch under guidance and support of Mr.Rupesh C. Shah. Moreover, he is actively indulged in weekly production planning and also ensures direct communication with clients of Sonya Ceramics.
  • Urmish Patel- He is managing the L.T.Insulator Department of the group. He strives to create coordination between all the units with his professional knowledge and help in bringing growth to the firm.
  • J.K Shah- He is primarily responsible for the procurement process at Sonya Group, HR, Customer Relations and Co-ordination of different departments.
  • Mrugesh Patel- He came into Sonya Group in the year 2011 as the Manager of S S Industries. Managing production, he is engaged in overall functions such as HR, Quality Control, Marketing, Purchase and Sales at the company.

Product Range

  • Steatite Interlocking Beads
  • Steatite Band Heater (Regular)
  • Steatite Band Heater (Small)
  • Steatite Band Heater (Large)
  • Steatite Band Heater (Extra large)
  • Steatite Cartridge Heater
  • Steatite Capacitor Bush & Gromet
  • Bobbin
  • Formers (Resistor)
  • Din Type Steatite Ceramic HRC Fuse Body
  • Round Barrel
  • Cordierite Tube (Multi Hole Tube)
  • Iron Connector
  • Steatite Ceramic Bush MALE & FEMALE
  • Disc
  • M.H.B. , Abrasion Resistance Tiles, Lamp Holders, Bases & Tower Packing
  • Ceramic Plate (M.C.B.)
  • Steatite End sealing Bush
  • Custom Made Products
  • Grinding Media & Lining Bricks
  • L.T. Insulators
  • Peanut Butter
  • Premium
    • Suites
    • Wash Basin Pedestal
    • Wall Hung Basin
    • Counter Basin & Table Top
    • Table Top
    • One Piece & Wall Hung
    • Water Closet
    • Pan, Trap, Urinal, Bidet & Squatting
    • ATM - Series
    • IPT - Series
    • RUSTIC – Series
    • IPT - Series
    • Table Top
  • Plastics
    • Duel flush tank
    • EFO
    • Seat well
    • Flush tank
    • Sandy
    • Italian Comfort